The Majestic Fall

by Mysteriarch

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Catalog ID: OPR001


released January 27, 2007

L. Mysterion - vocals, guitar, bass
Bune - guitar
Sargothus - keyboards
Hljodr - drums

*Bass on track 1 by Labrys.



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Ophiucus Records Charlotte, North Carolina

Black Metal Record Label and Distribution based in Charlotte, NC (USA). Formed in 2007.

Specializing in symphonic black metal, melodic black metal, atmospheric black metal, black/death metal, death metal, pagan black metal, viking metal, depressive black metal, suicidal, doom, gothic, dark, darkwave, ambient, industrial, medieval
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Track Name: The Majestic Fall
The obsidian portal has opened
Spewing the seeds of our aversion
We march on toward victory
We march on toward supremacy

The spear of destiny was bestowed upon us
Driven by fire, conducted by abhorrence
The allurement of dementia stagnates
In the abysmal trenches of consciousness

Bow down before us, wretched creatures
The tendrils of woe swath the divine spark
Proceed unto thy transformation
Seared unto thee undying agony

The welkin favors this withering era
Contemplating the endless darkness

Join us on our journey unholy beast
We have coveted this sacred moment
The enigma of life shall soon unfold
Behold our adamant will to conquer

Storming the place of light
The battle has now begun
Through strength and vigor
We shall prevail

Within the flames of perdition
Setting ablaze the path to infamy
Scarred eternally in the entrails of time
As we advance to reap the unforeseen glory
Track Name: Beneath the Emerald Couds of Niburu
Mystic land of the almighty
Isolated in celestial twilight
Waiting for the ultimate essence
To grant back eternal night

Across the bleak forbidden landscape
Dwells an ancient nocturnal race
Lurking in the enigma of shadows
Harvesting an unholy army

Longing for the end of their reign
Thy infernal legions arrive
Inflicting devastation on Tara
Committing mass genocide

Gathering within this frozen tundra
Beneath the emerald clouds up high

Surrounded by malevolent whirlwinds
Immaculate pyramids devoted to Nu
Channeling supernatural powers
Liturgies in sanctitude

Exploring this land of desolation
Vile infected civilization

Gazing upon the bloodstained horizon
Awaiting the coming destruction
Enslaved and condemned to suffer
Amidst the ruins of their empire
Track Name: Aeons of Ascendancy
A battle rages in the scorned fatherland
Bring for the masters of the ancient citadel
Grant us the powers of immortality
Release us from the grips of this treachery

On a dark winter’s night
We set sail in cryptic waters
Navigating by the moonlight
To a land forgotten
With torches burning bright
And vengeance in our hearts
We prepare for the coming fran
On our quest to glory

Out of the fog, into the night
Lured by the enchantress’ spell
Rise from the depths, beast of the sea
Now the serpent rears its mighty head

Immerse us in the flames of eternal darkness
Embellish us with the crown of impurity
The mirror of illusion has been lifted
The bequest of insight has been attained

My destiny lies encrypted in the nebulous
Depths of the interminable ocean of stars
From the precipice of life we shall fall
When we week death’s emancipating call

Dethrone the tyrants of the grand deception
We shall reclaim what once was ours
Defeat the enemy of quintessence
As we march victorious into the fading sun
Track Name: Empyreal Legion
Beyond the distant stars
Lies the gateway to the unknown
We descend upon the shores of time

Enthroned within the nightsky
Our destiny unfolds
As we seek the helm of our existence

We project our consciousness
Unto the sidereal throne
To obtain the secrets of the beyond

Ancient wisdoms foretold
In hidden relics of the past
The serpent’s circle is now complete

Behold our armies of might
Our temples fortified with stone
As we set forth to conquer
Dark prophecies foretold

Onward we march into the night
Our path to victory awaits
Enshrined within the lair of timelessness
Divine knowledge we obtain

As we gaze to the heavens beyond
We behold a mystic sight
The enticement of our souls
Of which we’re mesmerized

The time has come upon this day
As warriors we must fight
The battle is on the end is near
And in victory we shall arise
Track Name: Sovereignty of the Ancient Lineage
With arms of steel we kneel in valor
The imperial essence is absorbed by us
We summon the flame of ages long forgotten
We reign supreme by the allegiance of the sworn

Rising through the vast enigma
Our legacy is etched in the stone of legend
Shattering the false redeemer’s seal
Gaze into the eternal continuum

Behold the nine orbs
Representing the majestic fall
The discovery of the runic lores
We experience the transcendental ritual

Waging a war to the eclectic presence
Our words remain mightier than the cross
Celestial arch conquered by malice
We invoke the essence of the serpent holder

As the incarnates of sanctity
We call beyond the physical realm
Invisible to eyes, perceived by thoughts
We seek our solace in the realm of shadows
Track Name: Proclaiming the Throne of Wisdom
Astral entities guide our path
As we ascend through eternity
Conceived upon the dawn of creation
Now we seek the crown of majesty

Rising toward the spheres beyond
Emerging from the deep abyss
Channeling the powers of the ancient ones
We absorb the collective consciousness

Beyond the depths of the subconscious mind
Crossing the boundaries of space and time
Energies channel all through our being
We receive the endless flow of divinity

As we venture through the vast unknown
We perceive that which we’ve foreseen
Stare into the eyes of the ancient ones
As they unveil the secrets of creation
Track Name: Blood of Vanquished Heroes (Part II)
The last battalion has fallen upon this plagued earth
Memories of a once opulent land now lying in ruins
Their fate is controlled by the hands of a vengeful god
An era of desolation has now begun

Across the barren wasteland where rivers flow with blood
The stench of decay invades the heavens above
The vultures are now circling to feed upon your flesh

Damn your cursed existence
In hell your souls will rest