Abi in Malam Pestem + In Pulverem Reverteris

by Antiquus Scriptum

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Catalog ID: OPR003


released October 13, 2009

Sacerdos Magus - bass, guitars, programming, vocals, keyboards (track 1), guitars (acoustic)

Cover by the Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck (1390 / 1441)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ophiucus Records Charlotte, North Carolina

Black Metal Record Label and Distribution based in Charlotte, NC (USA). Formed in 2007.

Specializing in symphonic black metal, melodic black metal, atmospheric black metal, black/death metal, death metal, pagan black metal, viking metal, depressive black metal, suicidal, doom, gothic, dark, darkwave, ambient, industrial, medieval
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Track Name: Eine Suche nach Wissen
Eine such nach wissen:

Black emperors, guardians of time, here’s congregation!
As a storm I reach my throne of sadness and winter...

...This is immortal - a quest for knowledge
magnetic power - a quest for knowledge

I cast a spell, it shall prevail!
Into my dark castle the shadows of the past dance eternally...

...Through the forest where I’m enthroned,
I follow the path to the shelter of wolves…

Ancient scriptures, my secret search!
superstitious words, Arcanum wisdom
which evil souls rise cursed to sleep forever...

...This is immortal - a quest for knowledge
magnetic power - a quest for knowledge

."Representa nobis labarum venetorum,
applica carpum carpo,
exhibe nobis videntem Deum bene precantem,
nepotibus ex salvatore Egypti..."

...Exorcism me! Gott...Bitte!! Exorcism me!!!

Over my boundaries a great full moon
has come the season of mist,
haunting me the nocturnal prowlers,
waiting once again for my condemnation...

...Observersfor a trillion years,
evil beings returned from the abyss

Eine such nach wissen...
Track Name: Abi in Malam Pestem
Abi in malam pestem:

Quem vides Satanas est!
Utor libris, animus sine cultura
fructuosus non est!!
Nitor hasta, fruor otio,
timeo te, timeo tibi...
Lustitia suum cuique tribuit,
quae dico vera sunt!
Quam quisque norit artem
in hac se exerceat.
Qui doctiorem emendat,errat!!!
Quod multi et ii docti
saepe fecerunt...
Ubi sunt ergo isti qui
iracundiam utilem dicunt?
Tibi suadeo mactare
diis victimas!
Huius comoediae
personae sunt multi,
meum est docere,
tuum est discere,
tuum est unius videre...

...Est mihi nomen Diabulus!!!

Abi in malam pestem,
Timor mei, timor nostri!
Abi in malam pestem,
ubi terrarum sumus?!
Abi in malam pestem,
Dei fame interiit!
Abi in malam pestem,
primus liber est de
contemnenda morte...

...Inconsultus, inconsideratus,

Who do you see is Satan!
I use the books, soul without culture
is not a prosperous soul!!
I lean on a spear, I enjoy the leisure,
I fear you, fear for you...
The justice gives to each one what
is yours, what I say is true!
That each one practise the art that
knows for better.
Who correct the most wise, fail!!!
Thing that many times even the
most wises did...
Where are the ones who want the
cholera useful?
I advise you to sacrifice victims
to the gods!
The characters of this comedy
are many,
my duty is to teach,
your duty is to learn,
only you are able to see...

...My name is Devil!!!

Go to hell,
my fears are our fears!
Go to hell,
In what part of the planet are we?!
Go to hell,
God died of starvation!
Go to hell,
the first book is about the
contempt of death...

...concealed, inconsiderate
detestable, the pest...The pest!!!
Track Name: Of Dying Seasons (The Cursed Ones)
Of dying seasons (the cursed ones):

The silent spectre of nature, as nude as loyal
ancient ghost of centuries
witness soul of men’s desolation is changing
the multiple effects on the surrounding
open are the giant gates of eternity
a last cosmic calmness for thee seeds and
sons of Aquarius, the era - annunciation of
perpetual catastrophe

Tenebras obducere, secum in calamitatem trahere.

Mother, now I see through you
awake from a distant sleep of innocence
to find myself among all kinds of violence
to find myself among thee conscience
your body’s bleeding, old mother
a blood from ages of rage
why wasn’t your scream ever heard for them?
Why the stupidity of men doesn’t change?

Tenebras obducere, secum in calamitatem trahere.

Seasons dying throughout the years
a recent improvement of human technology
pollution and acid rain
ozone layel full of holes taking our oxygen
glacial melting does the water level
grow in excess
the sun’s rays in a straight line to the earth
will bring us the oath omens by ourselves done!

The uneasy atmosphere’s slowly to exhale
how can we live without it?
Biological life’s in danger, species in extinction
but nuclear weapons are flowing!
We reached the shame and digital intelligence
so able and egocentric
since the creation of time that we became the
beasts now dragged in anger, cruelty and despair...

I am the spirit who’s carving the stones with destruction
I guard mankind’s fear and the world’s distortion
But I am hurt! Bleeding for you mother, crying for you
mother, dying with you mother!!! I’m dying with you

”Fools who long for the day of the lord!
What will the day of the lord mean to you?
It will be darkness… Not light! It will be as when
A man runs from a lion and a bear meets him.
The day of the lord is indeed darkness… Not light!
A day of gloom with no dawn.” ( Joel 5.18 )

Tenebras obducere, secum in calamitatem trahere